WUC Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is instrumental in the planning and program development of each year's conference.  

Mid-Pacific Water Users' Committee Members:

  • Committee Chair: Chris Dahlstrom, Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District Irrigation District #1 (retired)
  • Larry Bauman, Central Valley Project Water Association
  • Jeff Bryant, Firebaugh Canal Water District
  • Anthea Hansen, Del Puerto Water District
  • Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance
  • Sheryl Looper, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • Bob Oakden, Truckee-Carson Irrigation District
  • Jason Phillips, Friant Water Authority
  • Paul Simmons, Klamath Water Users Association
  • Jeff Sutton, Tehama Colusa Canal Authority
  • Jane Townsend, Conference Coordinator
  • Debbie Murdock, Conference Staff


54th Annual

19-21, 2022